Education should not be a privilege, but a right.

Did you know that from kindergarten to primary school and secondary school, there is a very high percentage of children and adolescents who cannot attend school in Haiti because of a lack of support from the government? The systems that are put in place to help do not invest in the educational growth of the Haitian children and youth.

Fact About Education in Haiti: 

According to USAID, more than 85 percent of primary schools are privately managed by non-governmental organizations (NGOs), churches, communities, and for‐profit operators. Haitian parents who struggle financially, cannot pay for private school for their children and  many children do not have the opportunity to go to school. 

What Can be Done to Support Education for All? 

Partners for Change, Inc., believes that it is an obligation for all children to go to school.
Being aware of the lack of balance within the education system, Partners for Change, Inc., is launching the “Pay It Forward Educational Campaign” within the Haitian diaspora community in Boston and everywhere to support a child in Haiti to go to school. 

The goal of this campaign is to make sure that no child is left behind from this educational train. Children are the future and if they are not educated, Haiti’s future is doomed. We understand that there are a lot of foreign organizations that are lending hands to subside this educational crisis in Haiti; however, PFC wants Haitians to be the one initiating the path for changes for a better life for Haitian children. The Haitian community should lead the way and others should follow.


  • Please reach out to a family in need in your community in Haiti, and PLEDGE to assist with school supplies or the school fees for the year. And if you can do it again next year, please do so. 
  • Connect with an organization in your community and sponsor a child in Haiti to go to school. 
  • If the options above do not work for you, PFC can connect you with a family in need who can benefit from your PLEDGE. 

If you are already helping a family we congratulate you and please continue this wonderful work. 

To keep track of the progress of this amazing campaign, we ask that you sign up below and share your experiences on how you are helping. 

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” 

Nelson Mandela 


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